Easy College Living is here to help you take care of all your college living needs. Feel free to browse the website to see what we have to offer. Here is a quick synopsis of what we offer, and why Easy College Living will be the only website you will ever need.

Our Available for Rent section is a unique property search page that will help you find the exact property you are looking for in a matter of minutes. You can filter by number of bedrooms, bathrooms, type of property, and price. After filtering the properties, you can select a few that look interesting and compare them side by side. Once you are on the side by side comparison page, check the properties out on the map to see exactly where they are located. Now that you know exactly what property you want, give the owner a call to schedule a walk through or to sign the lease! Make sure you do not wait, because if you like the property, someone else is bound to like it too.

You can use our cool textbook comparison tool to find your textbooks for all your classes. The tool compares the bookstore prices to Amazon,, Chegg, and other popular textbook websites. This saves you time from searching online and it helps you find the best prices for your books. After you found the lowest price, you can go ahead and even buy the book so you get it on time for your classes next quarter!

Our Buy and Sell page (Coming Soon) will be the perfect marketplace for you to buy and sell furniture or anything else. For current freshman, it is a great place to find cheap furniture when you move out of the dorms. For graduating seniors, it is a great way to get rid of the furniture you will not need once you move out. It is also great because you can list furniture without needing to sell it right away, since freshman don’t need it right away, and seniors still need it themselves.

Check out the College Life section to check out upcoming events, find a job (coming soon), or to communicate with other students. The Talk about College forum is a great place to get advice on classes to take, create study groups or intramural sports teams, and just get general advice from other students.