Terms of Use

User agrees to all the user agreements and terms of conditions listed on this page. Easy College Living will never spam or sell your email address. We will send you email updates on the website promoting activities or items pertaining to the website itself.

Users will need to abide by basic rules when posting on the message boards. Users must refrain from any hurtful, racists, or any offensive language. Do not attack or threaten any users or your account will be suspended.

When purchasing moving and storage, users must include any and all items they plan on having moved and stored. Any items that are not listed will not be picked up unless space is available in the storage vault and there is adequate time to move the item. All additional items requested on moving day will be charged a fee, depending on the size and weight of the object. Fees will be paid immediately to cover all items. If there is a discrepancy, users may give us a call to identify the problem and figure out a solution.

On move out day, users also agree to be ready for move out on time and not cause any delays. This means all items must be packed and ready to be picked up by the movers. Any added time because the person is not prepared will also result in an additional fee, determined by the amount of extra time the movers wait for you to be prepared for them.

If a user lists their items for sale and expects to have it picked up for another person, the purchaser must contact Easy College Living and pay for the pick up and storage. The person selling their items must agree to a time specified by Easy College Living to have the items picked up and stored for the purchaser. We will do our best to pick up your items at a convenient time, but we cannot guarantee the time you request. We will make sure to pick up your items once you no longer need them, ensuring you are not without an important piece of furniture or item when you still need it.

Property owners must also abide by all laws regarding renting properties. No racist or derogatory descriptions may be included in any property listing that aim at preventing a certain person or group from renting your property. Any such descriptions will cause the entire listing to be removed and will lead to the forfeiture of payment for that property listing. All properties must be paid for in order to be activated, unless a special arrangement has been made prior. All featured listings must also be paid for in order to receive the benefits of having a featured listing.